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Basic Background

The Bouncer is a video game created by Squaresoft and Dreamfactory for the Playstation 2. It's a combination RPG and fighting game, a "Role Playing Action" game, as it calls itself.

The game is bilingual, which is a rare feature, and you can set the voices as either English or Japanese. You also can choose between English or Japanese subtitles.

There are several modes to choose from. The main one is Story mode where you play the actual game through a few times. Versus mode is where you play against friends or the computer. In survival mode, you choose one character to play through 10 stages where you must defeat a total of 50 enemies. You only have one life to play through all 10 areas, and your health does not get refilled after you finish a stage. You can unlock all the major characters in the game by defeating them at certain points in Story Mode, and this requires you to play the game as all three bouncers at different points.

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