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Dominique has short, curly blond hair, green eyes, and a small, black mole under her left eye. She usually wears a short yellow raincoat and an orange, funny hat that looks like a ribbon. The raincoat has a large collar that has on it two black rectangles with gray squares at their right ends inside of them. A long black strip with a zipper runs down the center of the raincoat. On both sides of the zipper are two yellow rectangles trimmed in black; the top left rectangle has an extra black rectangle next to it. The sleeves of the raincoat are long and fall to Dominique's knuckles; the cuffs of the sleeves are large, black, and have a diamond pattern on them. On the left sleeve are the words "Dog Street" in fancy letters.

Underneath the yellow raincoat, Dominique has an aqua blue tanktop trimmed in black that cuts off at her middriff. She has white sleeves, also trimmed in black, that go from halfway down her arms to her wrists. From there, the sleeves become brown, grey, and green-grey gloves. Dominique wears white shorts with aqua blue in the center; the shorts are trimmed with grey-black.

Dominique also wears tan and green boots with black soles and black straps.

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