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This section lists all of Dominique's moves, attacks, and Extra Skills. You can use them in Versus and Survival modes once you unlock Dominique as a playable character. Her fighting style is custom.

"H" stands for a hard high attack, "h" is a soft high attack, "M" is a hard medium attack, "m" is a low medium attack, "L" is a hard low attack, "l" is a soft low attack, and "ES" is the extra skill button. (Check your game's configuration for button assignments.) A plus (+) means you need to hold the first button down while pressing the second. Sequences of buttons are separated by commas (,) and need to be done in sequential order.

Normal Moves

Name: Dominique Spin Drop
Type: jump
Command: j
Base Damage: 21

Name: Dominique Somersault Kick
Type: jump
Command: J
Base Damage: 25

Name: Dominique Punch
Type: high
Command: h
Base Damage: 8

Name: Dominique Straight Punch
Type: high
Command: h, h
Base Damage: 12

Name: Side Kick
Type: high
Command: h, h, h
Base Damage: 16

Name: Rising Spin Kick
Type: high
Command: H
Base Damage: 26

Name: Power Spin Punch
Type: high
Command: h, H
Base Damage: 22

Name: Body Punch
Type: medium
Command: m
Base Damage: 12

Name: Scorpion Kick
Type: medium
Command: M
Base Damage: 12

Name: Ground Spin Kick
Type: medium
Command: M, m
Base Damage: 15

Name: Ground Spin Kick
Type: medium
Command: M, m, m
Base Damage: 15

Name: Spinning Body Blow
Type: medium
Command: m, M
Base Damage: 24

Name: Dominique Bounce
Type: medium
Command: directional pad + m
Base Damage: 25

Name: Toe Kick
Type: low
Command: l
Base Damage: 10

Name: Slide Kick
Type: low
Command: L
Base Damage: 12

Name: Squat Kick
Type: low
Command: l, L
Base Damage: 20

Extra Skills

Name: Spike Bomber
Command: ES + j
Base Damage: 29
A punch that comes down from a high jump

Name: Linear Drive
Command: ES + m
Base Damage: 34
Throw enemy in a straight line with incredible momentum.

Name: Rolling Power Throw
Command: ES + l
Base Damage: 28
Throwing technique building momentum to drive the enemy into the ground

Name: Destruction Uppercut
Command: ES + h
Base Damage: 31
Uppercut that does massive damage

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