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If Echidna is anything, she's dressed to kill. While you stare at her weird clothing and hair style, she'll get in and kick your arse. Anyway, Echidna is Brazilian, so she has a slightly darker skin tone. She has dark gray eyes, and her hair is reddish-pink. She wears a frosty-colored lipstick and eyeshadow. Her hair has two weird cone shapes with strands of twirly, spriggly hair coming from their tips. Two locks of hair, also super twirly, fall on either side of her face.

As for her actual outfit, it's very skimpy. Echidna has an orange bikini top held up and together by black ties that go around her neck. From the bikini top, blue beads hang on more black string. Her stomach is bare. Echidna wears a short, reptile skinned skirt and a large, funky, red belt over it. Her shoes are like brown, high heeled sandles, and long, silver laces wrap around the shoe and wind up her legs.

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