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Echidna's style of fighting is Brazilian "Capoeira", and her attacks, moves, and Extra Skills reflect her background. To use her attacks, you must unlock her.

"H" stands for a hard high attack, "h" is a soft high attack, "M" is a hard medium attack, "m" is a low medium attack, "L" is a hard low attack, "l" is a soft low attack, and "ES" is the extra skill button. (Check your game's configuration for button assignments.) A plus (+) means you need to hold the first button down while pressing the second. Sequences of buttons are separated by commas (,) and need to be done in sequential order.

Normal Moves

Name: Armada Dupla
Type: high
Command: j
Base Damage: 19

Name: Parafuso
Type: high
Command: J
Base Damage: 20

Name: Right Punch
Type: high
Command: h
Base Damage: 9

Name: One-Two Punch
Type: high
Command: h, h
Base Damage: 10

Name: Backhand
Type: high
Command: h, h, h
Base Damage: 12

Name: Handstand Kick
Type: high
Command: h, h, h, h
Base Damage: 25

Name: Armada
Type: high
Command: H
Base Damage: 18

Name: Au Batido
Type: high
Command: h, H
Base Damage: 21

Name: Mei Lua Reversao
Type: medium
Command: m
Base Damage: 10

Name: Au de Costa
Type: medium
Command: M
Base Damage: 13

Name: Headspin
Type: medium
Command: m, M
Base Damage: 15

Name: Bencao
Type: medium
Command: directional pad + m
Base Damage: 24

Name: Leg Sweep
Type: low
Command: l
Base Damage: 8

Name: Heel Stomp
Type: low
Command: L
Base Damage: 8

Name: Heel Stomp (2nd hit)
Type: low
Command: L, L
Base Damage: 8

Name: Helicopter Spin
Type: low
Command: l, L
Base Damage: 12

Name: Rasteira
Type: low
Command: l, L, l
Base Damage: 12

Name: Double Rasteira
Type: low
Command: l, L, l, l
Base Damage: 20

Extra Skills

Echidna's "Cyclone Drive," "Dead-End Carnival," and "Double Slap" extra skills can be done repeatedly by continuously pressing the repeated button.

Name: Missile Kick
Command: ES + j
Base Damage: 27
Drop kick using all your might.

Name: Cyclone Drive
Command: ES + l, l, l
Base Damage: (1st hit) 13, (2nd hit) 14, (3rd hit) 13-23
Unique spinning kick combo.

Name: Dead-End Carnival
Command: ES + h, h, h, h
Base Damage: (1st hit) 14, (2nd hit) 14, (3rd hit) 15, (4th hit) 26
Rhythmic quadruple-flip attack.

Name: Double Slap
Command: ES + m, m
Base Damage: (1st hit) 25, (2nd hit) 35
A painful combination of front and back slap attacks.

Name: Ambush Strike
Command: ES + h + m, h or m
Base Damage: 32
Feign injury to sneak in a surprise attack.

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