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Name and Symbol

"Echidna" is Aena Paula's codename. The Latin meaning of "echidna" refers to vipers and adders which are poisonous snakes. The current meaning of "echidna," from the New World Dictionary, is "any of several small, egg-laying, toothless Australisian mammals with a long, tapering snout and a sticky, extensible tongue; they feed on ants and are covered with spines." "Echidna" is also the Indo-European base of "echidno," which means "pricky or spiny." In Greek mythology, Echidna was a monster that had the body of a serpent and the head of a beautiful nymph.

Echidna's name seems to refer to dangerous creatures, obviously something Echidna is herself. One of the major reasons she hates Volt is because she believes he tries to minimalize her capabilities and power; in other words, he underestimates her.

Echidna's kanji is "wana", which means "trap" or "snare." According to the game book, the official word is "entrapment."

Although most enemies do try to "trap" you, Echidna seems pretty good at trying the hardest to do it in the game. Framing Volt for the murder of Master Mikado is a type of entrapment. Echidna is also hindered, or trapped, by her own hatred for Volt and her need to prove herself as being capable and strong.

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