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Kaldea has pale skin, long, wavy black hair, and black eyes. She wears a long, yellow-green dress. The top portion of the dress has a white collar and a deep v neck-line trimmed in black. While Kaldea could close her top, she leaves it open. Kaldea wears a black stone necklace. The sleeves of her dress are trimmed with darker yellow-green. On her left shoulder, Kaldea wears a red cape. Around her waist is a dark green sash. Wound around the sash is a mostly red-brown tassel. The skirt has a slit down the middle, mostly open, and it falls to Kaldea's ankles. Kaldea also wears long, black gloves and long, black boots that nearly reach her knees.

As a panther, Kaldea is black and looks liquidy or metallic.

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