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First off, Kaldea as a teenager reminds me of Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII, at least in looks. Maybe that's fitting since Sion looks like Squall. Tetsuya Nomura, the character designer for both games, said that Kaldea is like an older Rinoa.

Anyway, Kaldea is my second favorite female character in The Bouncer. She's absolutely beautiful, I think her Japanese voice is perfect- sexy and mature, but containing that underlying sorrow-, her panther attack mode is cool, and she has an angsty past.

There's really only one thing I don't like about her, but it's a pretty big thing. I can't understand why she repeatedly tries to kill her ex-boyfriend, Sion. She obviously still has feelings for him- she watches him constantly, and even though she fights him, she tries to get him to recognize her. Kaldea feels pity for Dauragon, and she is the "only one who truly understands" him, but is pity or understanding enough to make you want to kill someone you once loved?

For Kaldea, the answer is "yes," which sounds like she may have fallen in love with Dauragon. However, Dauragon is the one behind the tragedy in her life. She may pity him and understand what he did to her, but... Besides, in her ending, she shows that she still has a great deal of love for Sion, sacrificing herself to save him. Kaldea is also perceptive enough to realize that he and Dominique need each other more than Kaldea needs Sion. The more likely explanation to why Kaldea fights for Dauragon is that Kaldea understood her past life was over. The experimentation on her and her subsequent aging irreversibly changed her life, and she could never go back, no matter how much she and Sion loved each other.

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