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Leann has short blondish hair and blue eyes. One of her most distinguishing physical features is the scar above her left eye. How she got it is unknown.

She has some interesting clothing. Her normal outfit is a red and black vest that looks like the material wetsuits are made of. The front end of the vest curves in a semicircle. :X The vest has a zipper down the center and several silver buttons near the top. The edges of the vest, near the shoulders, have brown and white belt-like trimmings. Leann wears a silver ID tag, as well. She wears a black glove on her right hand; on her left arm is a weird shoulder guard thing that goes down her arm like a glove. She wears black shorts with brown straps and a dark green belt. Leann's boots are also black but the soles are white.

Leann's other "major" outfit is her white bathrobe seen at the beginning of the game.

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