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The following are Leann's moves, attacks, and Extra Skills. You can use them in Versus and Survival modes once you unlock Leann. Leann's fighting style is cutting fist.

"H" stands for a hard high attack, "h" is a soft high attack, "M" is a hardmedium attack, "m" is a low medium attack, "L" is a hard low attack, "l" is a soft low attack, and "ES" is the extra skill button. (Check your game's configuration for button assignments.) A plus (+) means you need to hold the first button down while pressing the second. Sequences of buttons are separated by commas (,) and need to be done in sequential order.

Normal Moves

Name: Twin Blade
Type: jump
Command: j
Base Damage: 13

Name: Assault Kick
Type: jump
Command: J
Base Damage: 12-18

Name: Lead Jab
Type: high
Command: h
Base Damage: 8

Name: Double Jab
Type: high
Command: h, h
Base Damage: 9

Name: Triple Jab
Type: high
Command: h, h, h
Base Damage: 13

Name: High Kick
Type: high
Command: H
Base Damage: 12

Name: Middle Back Kick
Type: high
Command: H, h
Base Damage: 12

Name: Combo High Kick
Type: high
Command: H, h, h
Base Damage: 15

Name: Back Knuckle
Type: high
Command: h, H
Base Damage: 25

Name: Side Spin Kick
Type: high
Command: run + h
Base Damage: 15

Name: Tower Kick
Type: middle
Command: m
Base Damage: 8

Name: Side Step Kick
Type: middle
Command: M
Base Damage: 27

Name: Somersault Combo
Type: middle
Command: m, M
Base Damage: 18

Name: Jumping Side Kick
Type: middle
Command: directional pad + m
Base Damage: 19

Name: Low Step
Type: low
Command: l
Base Damage: 10

Name: Backside Low Kick
Type: low
Command: L
Base Damage: 16

Name: Waterline Spin Kick
Type: low
Command: l, L
Base Damage: 18

Name: Short Slide Kick
Type: low
Command: Directional pad + l
Base Damage: 14

Extra Skills

Name: Shuriken Kick
Command: ES + h
Base Damage: 16-23
Powerful flying cartwheel kick that cuts the air.

Name: Rising Spinner
Command: ES + j
Base Damage: 11-17
Spinning high kick that rises into the air.

Name: Shoulder Slam
Command: ES + m
Base Damage: 24
Standard version of the old shoulder throw.

Name: Somersault Edge
Command: ES + j + h
Base Damage: 23
Powerful high-flying somersault kick.

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