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In the game, Leann generally seems somewhat tense, at least with regards to her job. The tension, however, makes sense since she's trying to save the world from a corrupt psycho. She has a no-nonsense attitude about her work and is very dedicated to it.

On the other hand, Leann's not entirely a stiff workaholic. She simply enjoys her job and takes pride in it, and her dedication to LUKIS echoes Kou's words: "I'm just doing a job that's worth risking my life over." Still, in the game, a lot of Leann's satisfaction seems to center around blowing things up in her jet. ^^; There's an almost perverse thoroughness (and enjoyment) in how she continues shooting the MSD Cargo Train until the last possible second, then quickly manuevers the jet out of the train's path.

Leann's character art shows her grinning and doing the victory sign, which suggests an aspect of her personality that is hinted at in the game. Leann is a fair player. When she was promoted, she tried to give Kou the credit (and Kou, in turn, said it was her abilities that got her the job). If Kou defeats Leann in the Epilogue, she smiles and gives him a thumbs-up. When Kou and Leann first meet, her comments about having a name and then having something on her face seem facetious, which indicates that she does have a sense of humor.

Leann also likes Kou, even though she tries to distance herself from him. If Kou defeats Leann, he tries to ask her out. Leann reminds him she can't get personally involved with him because it's against LUKIS's policies. To Leann, her job comes first, and her relationship to Kou is supposed to be work oriented. However, if Kou loses the fight, Leann still lets him continue his current assignment. Of course, Kou, being the quick-witted smart-ass that he is, recognizes that Leann has violated one of her favorite rules- she allowed her personal feelings to be involved in her decision, even against LUKIS's authority. Leann doesn't even deny Kou's statement; instead, she just tells him not to get cocky. Whatever Leann really feels about Kou, at the very least, she respects him and his abilities.

There's a lot of things about Leann to make her my favorite female character in The Bouncer. Mostly it's her attitude, which I adore. She's tough and can be tactless, but she's not unapproachable. She can also be sarcastic and witty. I also admire her dedication, her skills in LUKIS, and her mannerisms. Besides, Leann handles Kou so well...

Unlike the other female characters, she doesn't have an overtly feminine bent either. She's strong period, and the only conflict she may have is getting too involved with other people, particularly Kou. Dominique has the "save me" complex, Kaldea has the "I must stay by his side" complex, and Echidna has the "I'm a strong woman, I'll kick your ass and shove it down your throat to prove it to you" complex. Not that those are exactly bad since it makes them interesting, but Leann's different.

The fact that Kou has a thing for Leann doesn't hurt, either. (Kou! *drowns in a puddle of drool*) I so want to see them paired up.

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