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The graphics of The Bouncer are awesome and will not disappoint at all. The music is cool, too, and it fits the game well. The Japanese theme song, which is played at the end of the game, is very pretty, but I don't like the English song that much. As for the voice acting, I adore the Japanese voices, and the English dub is actually very good for a video game. In my opinion, Dominique is one of the better English dubbed characters. In general, the VAs are pretty good or better, but I don't like Kou's voice (it's very different from the Japanese one), and Kaldea always sounds too overdramatic.

The characters and the story are also rather good. My favorite characters are Kou, Leann, and Kaldea. I love Kou to death because he's hilarious and sexy. As for the other characters, Sion is hot, has a sense of honor, and is quite dedicated to Dominique, so I like him, even if he's a little bit slow on the uptake. Volt looks freaky, but he's a good guy. I'm not keen on Dauragon, but I admit he's pretty. Mugetsu is psychotic, so I don't like him.

On the whole, The Bouncer is a fun game. Still, it does have huge flaws, so it's a game that you either love or you hate. Its most obvious downside is that it's incredibly short, so you can get most- if not all- of the secrets, endings, and characters during a 3-day rental period. It has some replay value because it has so many different scenarios, but it's not worth shelling out $60 for. Also, the gameplay itself sucks, especially with the unchangeable camera angles, so fighting can be pretty obnoxious, which is obviously not good for a fighting game.

Something that really annoyed me was that the flashback texts went by way too quickly. I'm a fast reader, but I couldn't finish reading them the first time around. Third, the English box advertises the game as an "action movie," and that is pretty much how the game works. Lots of CG sequences, which are nice, but honestly, you don't play games for their CGs. Fortunately, you can skip through the movie portions, and that comes in really handy when you die a few times or if you're replaying the game the entire way through.

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