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The Bouncer Story

The official description of The Bouncer from Square's website:

"From DOG STREET, you can see the MIKADO BUILDING, the headquarters of the multinational MIKADO GROUP corporation.
You can expect to find many bouncers in the bars in this part of town.

SION, KOU, and VOLT are bouncers who defend their bar, FATE, from any hooligan that tries to invade their territory.

DOMINIQUE, a young girl SION found lying in the middle of town, eventually becomes a mascot for the bar FATE, though nobody really knows where she comes from.

For a while, everything is peaceful and boring. Suddenly, however, DOMINIQUE is kidnapped by MIKADO's Special Forces.

What is MIKADO up to?
What is DOMINIQUE's secret?
Can SION and the other bouncers save DOMINIQUE?
The bouncers' longest night is just about to begin."

That pretty much sums up the premise of the game: rescue the kidnapped Dominique, find out why she has been kidnapped, and discover the three bouncers' connections to the plot.

In order to understand the entire story and unlock all the secrets, you have to play as all three bouncers, Sion, Kou, and Volt. The game is divided into units where you choose a bouncer to play as until the next unit. By playing the different characters at different points in the game, you get different scenarios and endings.

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