Franziska von Karma
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Phoenix Wright Phoenix Wright (Naruhodou Ryuuichi): Franziska considers him a mortal enemy whom she would like to "pulverize," and she is openly hostile toward him. At the same time, she doesn't really hate him as much as she'd like to believe. He is, when all is said and done, the catalyst that causes her to reassess her life and break free of her overwhelming pursuit of perfection. In the final cases of both Justice For All and Trials and Tribulations, Franziska helps Phoenix out, though that doesn't stop her from belittling him while doing so. As for Phoenix, while he doesn't exactly like Franziska, he also doesn't understand her hostility. In fact, he accepts, acknowledges, and appreciates her help when it's offered. They are, in the end, "friends" of some sort.

Miles Edgeworth Miles Edgeworth (Mitsurugi Reiji): Though Franziska says that she has always hated Edgeworth, it is pretty clear that she doesn't really feel that way. She resents the fact that he has always left her behind - however, the way she acts, she sounds more hurt than anything else. Not wanting to remain in his shadow, her goal is to catch up to him and to surpass him - to have him notice and acknowledge her. She values Edgeworth's opinion, though she won't admit it. When she wants to give up being a prosecutor, Edgeworth is the one who convinces her not to; importantly, he treats her as his equal. Edgeworth is one of the few people to whom she really listens, and when he asks her for favors, she complies. As further evidence that she genuinely cares for Edgeworth, in Trials and Tribulations, she shows concern for him (as abrupt and brusque as that concern may be) after the earthquake. As for Edgeworth, he obviously cares for Franziska, despite her hostility toward him (for example, his worry for her after she is shot and the scene at the airport). Still, though the two seem to have come to an understanding at the end of Justice For All, that doesn't stop Franziska from wanting to demolish her "little brother" in court in Trials and Tribulations. Franziska shows that she cares by hurling insults and whipping people, after all.

Manfred von Karma Manfred von Karma (Karuma Gou): The extent of their relationship is unknown, but Franziska calls him "Papa" in Justice For All, which may or may not say anything. Strangely, Franziska does not seem to care about seeking revenge for her father's downfall; in Justice For All, her revenge was for and against Miles, and in Trials and Tribulations, Franziska says that any victory she gains over Phoenix is for herself personally, not for anyone else's sake. At the very least, if she does not love him or admire him (which she very well may), she seems to greatly respect her father's reputation, calling him a "genius" despite his unsavory tactics. Franziska takes after Manfred in many ways - in personality, in methods, and in fashion. However, we learn that it's not Franziska's real desire to be perfect like her father - rather, she felt pressured to live up to his name and to everyone's (and Manfred's?) expectations. Thus, it's anyone's guess whether Franziska was daddy's little girl or whether she had a harsher childhood (it's not too far-fetched to imagine Manfred being an impossible father). Whatever the case, Manfred is undoubtedly the most influential person in Franziska's life.

Dick Gumshoe Dick Gumshoe (Itonokogiri Keisuke): Gumshoe is Franziska's bitch. He's all of the prosecutors' bitch, really, but she's the only one who gives him a special nickname ("Scruffy") to show him just how low he is on the totem pole. Gumshoe is basically terrified of Franziska and her whip; he calls her "sir" (though so does the judge). She treats him like crap, insults him, plants a tracking device on him, and overall makes his life miserable; he puts up with it but pretty much has to. Franziska does decide to help him out in Justice For All by finding him, and later mails back his ratty old coat back all the way from Germany; in Trials and Tribulations, she even compliments him a few times (while whipping him). Maybe those actions count for something?

Adrian Andrews Adrian Andrews (Kamiya Kirio): Adrian is a witness in the second and third Phoenix Wright games, and Franziska seems to take a special liking to her - at least after Franziska first manipulates her into keeping quiet, causing Adrian to almost be convicted of murder. Franziska tends to treat female characters more kindly than the male characters - for example, Sister Bikini and Pearl (though Pearl doesn't care for Franziska at all) - but with Adrian, she goes a little bit further. It's possible that Franziska feels guilty about using Adrian in Justice For All; it could also be that she feels sorry for Adrian (perhaps seeing some of herself in Adrian?) or just likes how Adrian admires her (since Adrian is actually very weak-willed and is attracted to strong people, upon whom she becomes co-dependent). Speculation aside, at the end of Justice For All, Franziska sends Adrian a nice letter, offering to help her once Adrian is out of jail, and at the end of Trials and Tribulations, we learn that Franziska has taught Adrian how to use a whip, possibly a way of encouraging and empowering the woman.

Larry Butz Larry Butz (Yahari Masashi): The annoying, irresponsible childhood friend of Phoenix and Miles, Larry takes an unhealthy liking to Franziska after his time on the witness stand in Trials and Tribulations (unhealthy because he gets whipped an awful lot). Larry, inspired by Franziska and her whip, pleads with her to model as the heroine of his picture book, "Franzy's Whip Lash Splash: Simple & Magnificent." Franziska is quite firm (and violent) in her refusal. However, at the end of the game, Larry says that he is going ahead with his book, so maybe Franziska actually gave in after all. Also worth mentioning is the fact that Larry gives Franziska the awful nickname "Franzy."


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