Franziska von Karma
Story in the Series

Justice for All
Franziska serves as the prosecutor for the second and third cases of Justice For All (the second game in the series). During her first encounter with Phoenix Wright, Franziska tells him that she gave up a promising career in Germany and came to the United States for one reason: revenge. Although Phoenix thinks that she is referring to his role in her father's downfall (after the first game, Manfred was found guilty of murder), Franziska later reveals that she is actually seeking revenge for (and against) Miles Edgeworth. She believes that by defeating Phoenix, she can prove that she is better than Edgeworth, whom she considers a failure and a coward. Alas, this dream is not to be, and she loses both of her cases against Phoenix, despite her use of highly unethical tactics, notably manipulating witness Adrian Andrews into keeping silent.

In the fourth case of Justice For All, Franziska is shot in the shoulder on the first day of the trial. As a testament to the strength of her resolve and her pure hard-headedness, Franziska is nevertheless still determined to appear in court. Edgeworth, however, drags her off to the hospital, in spite her protests, and he then fills in as prosecutor for the entire trial. Near the end of the case, Franziska agrees to help Edgeworth by locating Detective Dick Gumshoe and bringing the evidence that he found to court.

After the trial ends, Franziska says that Edgeworth is not fit for the von Karma name - but neither is she, having ruined her perfect win record. She decides to quit being a prosecutor and throws away her whip. Later, Edgeworth finds her at the airport, where she is about to return to Germany (in Edgeworth's words, "running away"). Franziska says that she knew she was not a genius like her father, but she nevertheless felt that she had to live up to his reputation of being perfect. Edgeworth tries to convince her that she is still a prosecutor, that she will always be one, and that she can change her ways and learn the real meaning of being a prosecutor; he returns her whip to her.

Franziska tells Edgeworth that she has always hated him, since he was always leaving her behind; winning against Phoenix Wright would have meant proving that she was better than Edgeworth. Edgeworth says that Franziska has chased after him, so that they are now standing side-by-side; however, he will keep walking forward on the "prosecutor's path," and it is up to Franziska whether they part ways. Franziska, in a very rare moment, begins to cry, but she says that she won't always be in Edgeworth's shadow and that her battle against him will now begin. On the plane, Franziska also thinks that she will battle Phoenix again one day.

Trials and Tribulations
Franziska appears in the final case of the third game, Trials and Tribulations, which takes place one year after Justice For All. At the request of Edgeworth, Franziska flies from Germany to the United States to serve as prosecutor for the case; to her surprise, Edgeworth (as a favor to Phoenix, who has been hospitalized) is temporarily the defense attorney. She takes this in stride, though, since she would as soon defeat Edgeworth as Phoenix. Though she doesn't manage to win (and is adorably frustrated by it), Edgeworth thanks her for being a "wonderful partner."

After the first day of trial, Franziska assists Phoenix in the investigation, surprisingly aligning herself with him (kind of), though this is perhaps because Maya is in danger. It seems that her year in Germany has changed her - although she is still the same bitchy, hard-headed, whip-cracking sadist that she has always been, she also openly shows some compassion for other characters, such as Miles, Sister Bikini, and Pearl. Franziska even volunteers to help remove the physical psyche-locks, which she spends all day on. Additionally, Franziska makes several comments to Phoenix that suggest she has re-evaluated her life, and that she is now living for herself, no longer living in the shadow of her father. She tells Phoenix: "Pride is simply another trap that hinders us in our lives. That said... One must have pride to be effective on the job." Pride is necessary, but having too much of it, or valuing it above all else, will lead to one's downfall. Regardless of Franziska being a smidge nicer, she is still determined as ever to smite Phoenix Wright. (She also seems to have blocked out the memory of having lost to him...)

Franziska is replaced as prosecutor by Godot for the rest of the trial, and she mostly serves as a sort-of supporter to Phoenix.

Other Games
Franziska does not appear in Apollo Justice, Dual Destinies, or Spirit of Justice, though she does appear in Gyakuten Kenji (Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth) and Gyakuten Kenji 2. Gyakuten Kenji also contains a flashback case, in which a young 12-year-old Franziska appears.


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