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This is the approved The Fanlistings Network fanlisting for Locke Cole, one of the main characters from the Squaresoft video game Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy 6). Locke is the game's adventurer slash treasurer hunter slash thief. He's also 'that guy with the savior complex', but we love him anyway.

Locke has been one of my favorite video game characters ever since I first played FFVI as a kid (back when it was called FFIII in the US). I even named one of my future kids after him for a junior high school project. Though other video games have come and gone, Locke remains my second favorite Final Fantasy male and my second favorite Final Fantasy VI character. ♥

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The current layout features two images of Locke by the game's character designer, Yoshitaka Amano, and a texture from Tre-xture. The website name is by Marie, who is infinitely better at naming things than I am. ♥

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