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([ The following contains spoilers from Tales of Destiny and Tales of Destiny 2. Read at your own risk. ])

Name: Rutee Kartret (Rutee Katrea)
Age: 18
Height: 157 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Occupation: Lens Hunter
Swordian: Atwight
Element: Water
Voice Actor: Imai Yuka

Rutee's partner is Mary Agent (Mary Argent), and Rutee's Swordian is Atwight. Atwight is a water-based Swordian and is the only Swordian with healing capabilities.

Rutee is headstrong, brash, and outspoken, and she often comes off as insensitive. Due to the fact that she will acquire lens by any means necessary, she also seems greedy and obsessed with money. Of course, in reality, Rutee's personality is more complex.

Rutee was raised in an orphanage in the town of Cresta and has no memory of her family. The only possession she had when she came to the orphanage was a sword, a Swordian named Atwight. Atwight is sentient and has her own personality, as the sword contains the soul of a former human woman; however, only certain people (who become Swordian masters) can hear the voices of Swordians. Atwight was like a mother to Rutee when growing up.

As Rutee grew older, she learned about the financial difficulties of the orphanage, and that the mayor of Cresta was threatening to demolish it. Rutee, with Atwight, set off to earn as much money as possible to save her home, and it is for this reason that she seeks lens so single-mindedly. When Rutee was 16, she encountered Mary, a woman with amnesia. Rutee and Mary became partners, and although Rutee is sometimes harsh to Mary, she genuinely cares for the woman.

Later on in the game, Rutee learns the secret of her past. Lion Magnus (Leon Magnus) is actually her younger brother (real name Emilio), and her father is Hugo Gilchrist of the Oberon Corporation. When Rutee was still a child, Hugo found a Swordian that contained the soul of Miktran (Kronos), the former king of the Aetherian race. Miktran was intent on restoring the fallen Aetherian civilization; to that end, he began to take over Hugo's mind, causing Hugo to go insane. Chris Kartret, Rutee's mother, gave the Swordian Atwight to Rutee, instructing Atwight to protect her daughter. Sometime later, Chris was murdered by Hugo. Before Hugo lost himself completely, he sent Rutee and Atwight to the Cresta orphanage for Rutee's protection. However, Rutee's brother Emilio remained with their father.

Lion, in order to protect Marian, the woman he loves because she resembles his mother, fights Rutee and the others. He is defeated, however, and during the ensuing flood, he drowns. Rutee cannot forgive her father for Lion's death, and she later battles Hugo as well. As Hugo lays dying, his sanity is restored, and he bids farewell to his daughter. Rutee begs Atwight to revive Hugo, but Atwight's powers cannot extend that far. Finally, in order to save the world, Rutee even has to sacrifice her beloved Atwight.

Throughout the game, Rutee constantly teases and berates Stan Aileron (Stahn Aileron) for being a simple "country boy." Later, however, her feelings towards him become romantic. Stan comes to return her feelings, and sometime after the game's end, he goes to live with her in Cresta, where she runs the orphanage, and they marry. They eventually have a son, Kyle, who is the main character of Tales of Destiny 2.

Kyle is almost exactly like Stan, both in looks and personality, but with Rutee's headstrong nature. Unfortunately, Rutee experiences loss yet again in Tales of Destiny 2, this time when Stan is murdered by Barbatos Goetia. Kyle convinces himself that Stan is just on a journey, and Rutee does not dispute this belief. Growing up in the shadow of his famous parents, Kyle wants to become a hero himself. Rutee initially tries to protect Kyle, but soon realizes that he's just trying to be like his parents, and she permits him to go on his adventure. Fortunately, Tales of Destiny 2 ends well, with the rewriting of history, so that Stan is never killed.


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