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Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy VI is the sixth installment in Squaresoft's famous video game series. The RPG (role-playing game) came out for the Super Nintendo (Super Famicom) in 1994, and the game was soon released in North America under the name of Final Fantasy III. Several years later, Square re-released the game on the Playstation console (and marketed it under the proper name in North America), adding bonus features such as a bestiary, an opening FMV, and an ending FMV. In late November 2006, Square Enix released Final Fantasy VI Advance (Japanese), a Gameboy Advance port of the game, which includes some new features such as new Espers and a new dungeon. The North American version of FFVI Advance is scheduled for release in early February 2007.

The story of Final Fantasy VI begins with Terra (Tina in Japan), a young woman with no memory of her past. Possessing the unique gift of magic, Terra was previously enslaved by the Empire, which seeks to revive magic so that it may take over the world. However, a rebel group known as the Returners fights against the Empire. Throughout the game, very different characters come to be united under the Returners' cause. Terra's secrets prove to be a critical factor for the Empire and the Returners.

Final Fantasy VI boasts one of the largest casts of characters of the entire FF series. There are a total of 14 playable characters (not counting temporary guest characters), which includes two hidden characters. Despite the large number of characters in FFVI, each character is unique and memorable in his or her own way, and it's the characters, both playable and non-playable, who make the game so darn good.

Without a doubt, Final Fantasy VI is an incredible game. Amazing characters, an enthralling story, lovely graphics, and a gorgeous soundtrack have all drawn fans to what has been arguably called the best Final Fantasy game in the series.

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