This is the Fanlistings Network approved fanlisting for moogles ("moguri" in Japanese), recurring creatures unique to the Final Fantasy video game series by Square Enix.

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History and Layout
This fanlisting was adopted from Michelle in April 2010, for which I am extremely grateful. ♥♥ The current layout features concept art of moogles from Final Fantasy IX; the images were found on Creative Uncut. The design uses several textures from Tre-xture, and the featured fonts are Olho de Boi and Almond Script Alt. The members list is powered by Enthusiast.

Moogles have evolved over the course of the series, both in their physical appearance and their roles. Their most defining features are the red pom-poms that sit on antenna on top of their heads, their bat wings, and their trademark "kupo" exclamations. In many games, moogles serve as NPC inhabitants of the world, at times performing important roles such as delivering mail or saving the player's game (e.g., Final Fantasy IX). In a few games, they are playable characters (notably Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance). Sometimes moogles only make cameo appearances in Final Fantasy games, normally as objects, outfits/suits, summons, or in mini-games.

The appearance of moogles has also evolved. In most Final Fantasy games, moogles have small, white mole-like bodies. The left-most moogle in the header image is a good example of what moogles traditionally look like. In the Ivalice games (the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance games and Final Fantasy XII series), moogles more closely resemble rabbits with their long ears, and in the Crystal Chronicles series, moogles look like fat puffballs. In the Kingdom Hearts games and the Final Fantasy XIII series, moogles have disproportionately large heads and gigantic noses, while moogles from Final Fantasy XIV have collars of fur around their necks.

I have been a huge fan of moogles ever since I first played Final Fantasy VI, with Mog (the moogle who can kill you by dancing) and his clan. Moogles are adorable and smart (and useful with mail!), and they're my favorite creatures from the FF series. I love everything about them, particularly their "kupo" sounds and their constantly evolving designs. Whenever a moogle pops up, I'm happy, whether it's from Mog and company from FFVI (and the moogle suit that can turn Relm and Stragos into moogles), moogles in Squaresoft's Secret of Mana, moogle summons and moogle mini-games from FFVII, FFVIII, and FFT, the zany Stiltzkin and Artemecion from FFIX and later games, Monteblanc and the entire moogle class from FFTA and Ivalice (moogle gunners? yes, please!), all the adorably flighty moogles in FFXIV (both the Black Shroud and Moghome), to "Dueler X" from the Chocobo games. I also own several moogle plushies, moogle lamps, moogle slippers, moogle mouse, and a moogle domain name. As you can tell, I really, really love moogles. <3


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