Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is a series of handheld video games. The series, which originates from Japan, is known as Gyakuten Saiban (Turnabout Court) in its home country. Gyakuten Saiban began life on the Gameboy Advance and had two sequels; all three games were ported to the Nintendo DS, and they were released in that format in the United States. Later games and spin-offs have also been for the Nintendo DS.

In the first three games, players take the role of Phoenix Wright (Naruhodou Ryuuichi), a young defense attorney who must defend his clients from murder charges by finding clues, talking to witnesses, and arguing in court. Phoenix's main rival in the first game is prosecutor Miles Edgeworth (Mitsurugi Reiji), a genius prosecutor who has never lost a case. Although Edgeworth starts off as a villain, we learn more about his history as the game progresses, and Edgeworth himself discovers something about himself by the game's end. In the second game, Franziska von Karma (Karuma Mei) becomes Phoenix's prosecutorial rival.

Edgeworth was adopted by prosecutor Manfred von Karma after the death of Edgeworth's father. As Manfred's second daughter, Franziksa became Edgeworth's adopted sister. Despite being seven years younger than Edgeworth, Franziska refers to Edgeworth as her "little brother." However, their relationship is much more complicated than 'siblings.' Aside from Franziska's brief references to Edgeworth as "little brother" in the second game, the two characters rarely, if ever, describe their relationship as sibling-like. The two nevertheless care for one another, though Franziska, in tsundere fashion, tries to hide how much Edgeworth affects her.


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