Super Mario Brothers 3 by Nintendo was originally released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It was eventually made-over (tidied up and immensely prettified), then ported to the SNES as part of the Mario All-Stars collection. The All-Stars version of the game was later ported to the Gameboy Advance under the title Super Mario Advance 4.

SMB3 is by far my favorite of the Super Mario Bros. games. It has awesome gameplay, a whole slew of different worlds with their own themes and unique enemies, wild power-ups and outfits, secret items (warp whistles!) and bonus levels, and great mini-games. Playing with a friend was nifty, too, because you didn't have to replay any levels already cleared by the other player; plus you could always rumble with one another in rounds of classic Mario Bros., even stealing each other's cards if you were hardcore (or just mean) <3<3<3

SMB3 introduces Koopa's kids (who'll come back in Super Mario World and later games). They're a bunch of deadly brats as power-hungry and vicious as their father, from the eldest, Ludwig, down to Larry, the baby of the family; Wendy O., the only girl of the litter, is worth a mention, too, if only because of her gender and her candy ring attack. The kids swoop down in their airships upon the kingdoms of the Mushroom World, stealing the wands of the kings of each land, transforming those rulers into animals, and then creating havoc. Princess Peach sends out Mario and Luigi to save the world, and unfortunately, she manages to get herself kidnapped by Bowser as you're saving World 7 from d00m. But before you reach that point, you'll have to fight loads of enemies, including wandering Hammer Brothers (of all varieties!) and the mini-boss known as Boom Boom; however, you'll get help from Peach (pre-kidnapping) and Toad (who is, apparently, everywhere) in the form of gifts and games of chance.

Although the graphics are cute (especially in the All-Stars and GBA version), the gameplay is fun as anything, and the different worlds are too great, my favorite part of the game is, of course, the suits. Besides Super Mario and Firey Mario, you are introduced to Raccoon Mario, Frog Mario, Tanooki Mario, and Hammer Mario. (In the GBA version, if you have one of the E-Reader cards, you can also get the Cape from the Super Mario World game.) Annnnd, the all-mighty, kick-arse Kuribo's Shoe, with which you can jump-hop spineys but which can only be found and used in Level 5-3, owns everything. I <3 that shoe.

The GBA port has a different ending from the original NES game, which was uber-lame and basically went "the princess isn't here, haha, just kidding, bye-bye." (Yeaaaah. Exactly.) And if you have a perfect game at the end (meaning you've cleared every single level), you can run around playing any level in the game any number of times. <3 The GBA port, besides having superior graphics (of SNES quality, as opposed to NES quality), better sound (with voices!), and huge replay value, also features improved play with Luigi, who has the cool jumping ability that he's so well known for in SMB2. I <3 playing as him.

As a bonus note, SMB3 was the super secret, totally new video game that debuted in The Wizard, an '80s movie starring a young Fred Savage. When I was a kid, my brother and I watched that movie about five or six times in a row. It's not a good movie, but it has a lot of video game action and Nintendo references (like... the POWERGLOVE... *dies*), and it involves kids on their own without adults, so I think that's why we were into it. However, even when I was young, I realized that the plotholes were way too annoying and obvious to be overlooked. How could Jimmy know where the Warp Whistle was, and how could Haley know what it was used for? But whatever. Like I said, not a good movie.


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