Welcome to Final Heaven, the Fanlistings Network approved fanlisting for Tifa Lockhart (Lockheart), one of the main characters from Final Fantasy VII, a Squaresoft role-playing video game for the Playstation. This fanlisting also covers Tifa from Final Fantasy: Advent Children, the animated movie sequel to FFVII, as well as Tifa's various cameos in other video games (such as Kingdom Hearts II and Ehrgeiz). It is also the Anime Fanlistings Network approved fanlisting for Tifa from the anime OVA Final Fantasy: Last Order.

The current layout features an image of Tifa Lockhart and Aerith (Aeris) Gainsborough from the doujinshi "Future V" by Nodoka Kiyose (Frontier). Please use the above menu to navigate the site.

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Tifa Lockhart and Final Fantasy VII are © Square-Enix.
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